Arnie Voigt’s letter to the CTCR

In his letter to the CTCR regarding The Creator’s Tapestry, Arnie Voigt notes that although the Trinity is the stated organizational theme, the CTCR report fails to use Trinitarian doctrine “as a lens for unpacking implications of what it means to be created in the image of God.”  Voigt calls attention to “the subtle shift from drawing meaning from ‘divine personhood’ to finding it in ‘order of creation’ concepts of ‘headship’ and ‘authority’ and ‘submission,’” which results in wrong human relations “by developing a new understanding of the Trinity: that the Son is eternally subordinate to the Father.” (p. 1f)

Interestingly, Voigt makes the connection (p.8) between the subordination of women and racism, which the CTCR deemed to be “idolatry” in its 1994 report, Racism and the Church.  He observes that the “patterned dominance ” condemned in Racism and the Church is heard throughout The Creator’s Tapestry, even though words of “mutual care and love” attempt to mask it.