Ordain Women Now in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod is the new name of this website, formerly The Creator’s Tapestry: A Thoughtful Response.  The new URL is .  Those attempting to access will be automatically transferred to the new site.

An initial hope in creating this website was that out of the 2009 CTCR report, The Creator’s Tapestry, discussion would arise regarding the relationship between God and women and men, as well as discussion about the role of women in church, including ordination.  That has not occurred.

While we have no idea how many people in the Missouri Synod want to advocate for the ordination of women, some of us believe there can be no hope for discussion without a place and voice for such advocacy.  Without a voice for advocacy, all voices who desire true discussion will be silenced even if an appearance of discussion is projected.  The process that led to The Creator’s Tapestry document was touted as level ground where women and men would meet to discuss these relationships and roles and begin a new study of Scripture that did not rely on the determinations of past studies.  The final report was, for the most part, a repetition of portions of past reports.

With the initial hope for this website ended, a new initiative has begun.  From the first time I was asked publicly if I favor the ordination of women, I answered in the affirmative.  However, it would be misleading and wrong to characterize everyone whose writings are found or linked here as supporting the ordination of women.  There are, after all, links to the LCMS website and CTCR documents for people to study.  Everything posted before this post (12/9/2011) was posted on ”The Creator’s Tapestry,” not “Ordain Women Now.”

It is our hope that in recreating this website we will provide a space for authentic discussion.  We ask others, regardless of your current understanding or position on the ordination of women, to join us in calling for open and public discussion.  A new Facebook page has been created for the purpose of calling for discussion and we invite you to please join us there.  It is our greatest desire to work together with people of varying views and theological perspectives for the good of the Church with reverence for God and respect for one another.